Here Is What You Can Expect

  • From Newbie To Experienced

    Rather you are new to trading or have been trading for under 2 years, gain a solid foundation of skills & knowledge you can use to become an independent forex trader.

  • Short Trading Days

    Forget the movie display of people yelling at phones for long hours trading all day. You'll be learning this skill to spend at most 30 minutes on your price throughout the day.

  • Easy To Follow course & Classes

    Through videos, ebooks, & weekly virtual classes, you'll elevate your trading knowledge quickly with the help of your personal forex coach, Shaquan.

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  • Free Access To The Swing Trading Society

    $599 Value

    I understand how hard it is to make money analyzing your own price while figuring out best strategy for you to trade. This is why I'm inviting you into my coaching group, the Swing Trading Society, where I'll show you my best trading setups for the week.

  • Free Forex Starter Kit & Weekly Trainings


    Access to my private Facebook group, starter kit to help you decide the best way you can get started trading, and access to my content vault filled with recorded trainings when you purchase the course.

See What They Say About The Course

“Before I met Mrs. Shaquan I was on YouTube searching for information in a very Sporadic way. Mrs Lopez course has proven it doesn’t take YEARS to be profitable by providing the main candles to look for at market structures. I’ve also had to change my mindset to trade like a business which is the form of trading Mrs.Shaquan teaches. Proud to call her my Fx Mentor for life!”

Chris Harris

“It’s honestly so cute because he says he loves your system, your classes, and trading and he can see himself being successful with it. Im so glad that someday we can be able to do this together.we have many goals we want to accomplish that only trading can give us.”

Victoria Bell

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